ONLINE DOCTORAL PROGRAMS: Select an online degree that fits your career objectives and sign up for a course that will give you the tools you need to follow your passion. The highest degree you can get is a doctorate. It demonstrates your commitment to personal growth and lifelong learning. It displays a desire to learn in-depth information out of intellectual curiosity. It proclaims to the world your expertise in the area you have chosen.

The use of electronic media and information and communication technology (ICT) in education is referred to as online learning. One can access their education anytime and from any location with an internet connection when they learn online.



This is intended for practicing nurses who want to expand their knowledge and expertise in this area. Nurse practitioners who enroll in this program will gain advanced knowledge of complex health care, management, and decision-making as well as advocacy skills for evidence-based practices. DNP equips nurse practitioners for research and teaching in higher education in addition to advanced clinical roles. Students enrolled in this program might expect to take courses covering topics such as healthcare ethics for advanced practice nurses, organizational behavior and social policy, statistical analysis, and evidence-based practice. For individuals who have completed an online Master of Science in Nursing program, this is an excellent next step.

Program duration: 18+ months
Maryville University, the University of Florida, and Gwynedd Mercy University offer this program.


Another degree that is a candidate for the quickest doctorate online, it helps counseling professionals advance their careers by giving them further education in the field of grief and bereavement. By getting a doctorate, counselors will be able to elevate their reputation in this field. They can also earn higher credentials as educators or other professionals interested in learning how to professionally help individuals dealing with immense negative emotions as they go through difficult times in their lives.

The coursework for this program prepares students for both individual and group counseling. Depending on the institution, students may take courses such as Loss, Trauma, and Resilience; Ethics in Grief Counseling, Psychotherapy and Counseling, and Motivational Interviewing. Furthermore, students who would like to enroll in this program must have a master’s degree in grief counseling or related fields, such as behavioral counseling and psychology, among others.

Program duration: 12 months
Universities that offer this program: American International Theism University, Breyer State Theology University


  1. DOCTORATE IN EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT: One of the least expensive two-year doctoral programs available online, the Ed.D. The program is intended for educators who want to advance up the administrative ladder of educational systems and focuses on doctorate degrees in education. Students pursuing this degree may anticipate learning about creative and transformative leadership in a variety of settings, including government agencies, nonprofits, and commercial companies that serve the educational community in addition to academic institutions.

There are numerous concentration options available under this degree, including STEM education, educational administration, K–12 or higher education leadership, special education leadership, and educational policy. Additionally, the online courses offered by various colleges differ in that some involve policy and advocacy, strategic partnerships with communities and families, and systems leadership.

Program duration: 24+ months
Universities that offer this program: Florida State University, Rowan University, Northeastern University


Ph.D. in Counselor Education Supervision: This doctorate program, which is intended for counseling professionals, teaches advanced approaches in clinical mental health assessment, advocacy and leadership, and research. Regarding a career in education, this degree helps equip counseling professionals to advise or coach students aspiring to enter the counseling field. Advanced Theory Application and Orientation, Counseling, Research, and Leadership are some of the courses offered in this curriculum.

Program duration: 24+ months
Universities that offer this program: Liberty University, Duquesne University



As a doctor of philosophy degree, this program helps students learn various research methods and proper integration of research tools, which are essential to conducting studies that can further improve the practices, policies, and other aspects of special education. Aside from the research-focused coursework, those who take this degree are also prepared to advocate for and teach students with exceptionalities. The program structure and coursework vary across institutions, but some of the courses graduate students may encounter include the Law of Exceptionalities, and Theory of Exceptionalities, as well as the subject of grant writing.

Program duration: 36+ months
University that offers this program: University of North Carolina-Extended Campus



Aside from Doctor of Nursing Practice or D.N.P., Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing is the other highest level of education attained by nurses. But unlike D.N.P., which concentrates on advanced clinical practices, Ph.D. in Nursing focuses more on scientific research studies that can contribute to the improvement of nursing education and healthcare practices in general.

Some of the core courses under this online program are Advanced Statistical Methods for Nursing Research, Research Team Leadership, Advanced Health Policy and Advocacy, and Advanced Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods. Upon completing this program, Ph.D. in Nursing graduates can further pursue careers in the areas of research and postsecondary education as nursing instructors, or in public health.

Program duration: 48+ months
Universities that offer this program: East Carolina University, Georgia State University

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